The Whole-Brain Child, Chapter 1-2

What do we do when a student throws a fit?  How should we respond when they intentionally don’t follow directions?  How do we respond when they start sharing a traumatic story? Why does this students always seem to overreact emotionally? I recently started reading a book that is answering all my tough teaching questions!  A... Continue Reading →

A Teacher’s Response To School Shootings

I share the following thoughts simply to get them out.  Read them from the perspective of a mother who is scared for her children, as a citizen who feels unsafe in this country, and as a teacher whose priority is to educate children.  I’m a pretty quiet political person so this post is a stretch... Continue Reading →

Teaching From One Bag

Most of my teaching career I have taught out of a bag.  I have been a resource teacher that moves from classroom to classroom based on my student’s schedules.  My students are fully included in the general education setting so that means I run all around the school all day.   I tried to pull... Continue Reading →

Is Differentiation Possible?

One of the teachers I follow on Facebook shared this article about how differentiation doesn’t work.  It bothered me.  Being a resource teacher, differentiation is a big deal.  It is my job!  I take the general education curriculum and differnatie it for my students.  This article is basically saying that it's impossible to teach different... Continue Reading →

Bridging The Worlds of Special Education and General Education

When I started college I felt confident in my decision to become an elementary teacher. There were the obvious signs of pretending to be a teacher to my siblings when I was growing up and being so inspired by my own teachers.  I remember my 3rd grade teacher giving me a hug almost every morning... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Resource Teacher

Confessions of a Resource Teacher Confession 1 - I sometimes feel intimidated by how amazing general educators are! I am a special education teacher who has spent the majority of my teaching as a resource teacher.  All my students are in the general education setting for the entire school day.  I partner with teachers to... Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Find Sanity In Your Classroom

I wake up in the morning with my to-do list running through my mind. I’m thinking of lesson ideas as I get ready, writing a to-do list as I get breakfast, and continue the day with my mind multitasking as I check things off my list. I’ll be honest, I kind of thrive on this... Continue Reading →

Getting Students To Care About Learning

I am currently working with a student that I have a difficult time understanding.  He always appears to be focused and working but doesn't actually complete any work.  I started to meet with him to try and figure out why he wasn’t completing work.  He concluded that it depends on how hard the assignments are... Continue Reading →

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs For Teachers

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is well known.  I’ve always looked at it with specific students in mind.  What is my role in their lives to help meet their needs?  How will they ever get past the bottom of the triangle?   Teachers give and give and give.  We want the best for our students!  If... Continue Reading →

Bullying In Your Classroom

Bullying has become such a hot topic lately.  It has become so well used that it might actually be misused.  Students call lots of things bullying that, by definition, aren’t.  Let’s not get caught up on that though because at least light is being shown on this really important topic!  For the sake of this... Continue Reading →

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