Gift Ideas For Teachers

Let your child’s teacher know you recognize their hard work!  You don’t have to spend hours on a homemade gift to make them feel special.  Get them a simple gift that let’s them know they are remembered and appreciated.  

A few tips

  • Stay away from things that are heavily scented.  Chances are you don’t have the same taste as your child’s teacher.
  • Get things that the teacher really needs.  Practical gifts are not bad for teachers.  It lets us know you understand our lives our crazy busy and you want to help us out!  Things like snacks and supplies for the classroom are wonderful practical gifts.
  • Be aware.  Look around your child’s classroom.  Does the teacher like to decorate with cute modern touches?  Get a cute decoration for a bulletin board that they would want (ideas below).  Do they have a simple and clutter free classroom?  Get something that helps organize.  Do they have something that needs a facelift?  Maybe they have a reading corner that needs a few new pillows.  
  • Cute homemade stuff is nice but an Amazon gift card is awesome too!  Don’t feel bad if you can’t spend time on making the cutest gift.  A nice handwritten card with a gift card inside brings just as much happiness!

Here are my picks for great teacher gifts!  These are affiliate links.  This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you make a purchase from these links.

My Top Picks

Gifts Under $10



Gifts Over $10

A special reminder

Think of all the teachers your child has…Music, Library, PE, Art, reading teachers, resource teachers, and so on!  You don’t need to get them all a huge gift but it is nice to remember them too.   

Happy shopping,