October 14, 2017


During my first year of college, I was observing a 3rd grade classroom and the teacher told me she had students with ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities.  I was intimidated.  I felt like I couldn’t teach in general education if I didn’t know more about disabilities and the process to get students additional support.  

This blog comes from that same feeling, my desire to connect the worlds of general education and special education.  By collaborating, we can reach any student with the education they need and deserve.  Hopefully this blog inspires you to teach any student!

I have education licenses in Special Education (K-12) and Elementary Education (PreK-6).  My experiences include being an Elementary Resource Teacher (grades K-4), Elementary Multiple Disability teacher, and a long-term substitute in a 3rd grade general education class.  Currently, I teach part-time as a High School Resource Teacher.  I made the switch to part-time after having 2 children and wanting to spend more time with them during their littlest years.  


I am married with 2 sons and we live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  Living close to the mountains gets us outdoors and enjoying life!  My husband is also a teacher.  We love having the same schedule!  Sharing life with our children, going on hikes, attending sporting events, cooking, camping, and naps are things we enjoy.