For The Love Of Reading

Parents and teachers, I’m worried about the reading that is happening in our homes and in our classrooms.  I’m worried that the reading we are doing is teaching children that reading is a chore and not something to love!   The reason this worries me is that reading is the foundation of education.  How can Read more about For The Love Of Reading[…]

Life Skills In General Education

How do we teach life skills in General Education? Somewhere along the way I came to the conclusion that if I tell a student something, they should be able to do it.  Yet I don’t expect them to understand long division after quickly explaining it to them once.  That is unfair and terrible teaching!  Why Read more about Life Skills In General Education[…]

How To Start Differentiating

Differentiation in the classroom is tricky.  Once you get thinking about differentiation it can feel like there is no end.  How much do I individualize every lesson and activity?  How is it possible to have enough time to plan for differentiation?  There are so many needs in my classroom that it feels impossible to even Read more about How To Start Differentiating[…]

The Easiest Way To Create A Positive Classroom

There are endless debates about the most effective and appropriate form of classroom management.  Is it positive reinforcement, reward systems, negative reinforcement?  Some students barely need any reinforcement while others need consistent immediate feedback to get through a school day.  Teaching is tough!   One thing I have learned, no matter your view on classroom Read more about The Easiest Way To Create A Positive Classroom[…]

Plan For Differentiation (and save time)

Differentiation can feel like the most time consuming part of planning.  It is much easier to plan one whole class lesson and expect everyone to learn versus planning small groups, changing materials, and so on.  Here is one way to take some of the time out of differentiation and make your teaching even more effective! Read more about Plan For Differentiation (and save time)[…]

Remember What You Pinned

I use Pinterest to find many of my teaching ideas and inspiration.  The problem is, after I’ve pinned something, I usually forget about it.  There are so many good ideas out there that it’s hard to stop pinning and just try them!  How do I remember the ones I want to use? Pinterest Inspiration organization In Read more about Remember What You Pinned[…]

Student Goal Setting

How do we have students take ownership of their learning?  How do we get students to be more engaged learners?  How do we help them realize their progress, or lack thereof?   Student Goal Setting When I first heard about student’s setting their own goals, I was skeptical.  Initially, it just felt like one more Read more about Student Goal Setting[…]

Keeping Disabilities in Perspective

You can’t give someone who is blind back their sight.  No one ever asks you to.  However, as a teacher, it feels that we are asked to give students with ADHD back their organization, time management, impulse control, and attention.  In the classroom, this is frustrating for you and the student. What we need to Read more about Keeping Disabilities in Perspective[…]

“I’m done! Now what?”

You are in the middle of a small group lesson when a student walks up to you and says, “I’m done!  What should I do now?”  My first thought it usually, “Read,” but sometimes there is actually work for them to do but I just can’t remember in that moment.  Here’s how to solve this Read more about “I’m done! Now what?”[…]

Why I Quit Teaching

Should I quit teaching?   I struggled with this question for well over a year.  I could blame my decision to quit teaching entirely on my oldest child but that’s not the real reason.  I did have every intention of continuing to teach full-time when I became a mother.  Being a “stay at home mom” Read more about Why I Quit Teaching[…]