Confessions Of A Resource Teacher

Confessions of a Resource Teacher Confession 1 – I sometimes feel intimidated by how amazing general educators are! I am a special education teacher who has spent the majority of my teaching as a resource teacher.  All my students are in the general education setting for the entire school day.  I partner with teachers to Read more about Confessions Of A Resource Teacher[…]

10 Ways To Find Sanity In Your Classroom

I wake up in the morning with my to-do list running through my mind. I’m thinking of lesson ideas as I get ready, writing a to-do list as I get breakfast, and continue the day with my mind multitasking as I check things off my list. I’ll be honest, I kind of thrive on this Read more about 10 Ways To Find Sanity In Your Classroom[…]

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs For Teachers

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is well known.  I’ve always looked at it with specific students in mind.  What is my role in their lives to help meet their needs?  How will they ever get past the bottom of the triangle?   Teachers give and give and give.  We want the best for our students!  If Read more about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs For Teachers[…]

Whole Class Winter Activities

This time of the year in the classroom is hard.  Students are wanting to be on break and it feels like more of your time is spent managing behavior than teaching meaningful content.  And let’s be honest, teachers are trying their best to keep their attention on school instead of the countdown to break.  Anybody Read more about Whole Class Winter Activities[…]

Gift Ideas For Teachers

Let your child’s teacher know you recognize their hard work!  You don’t have to spend hours on a homemade gift to make them feel special.  Get them a simple gift that let’s them know they are remembered and appreciated.   A few tips Stay away from things that are heavily scented.  Chances are you don’t Read more about Gift Ideas For Teachers[…]