Getting Students To Care About Learning

I am currently working with a student that I have a difficult time understanding.  He always appears to be focused and working but doesn’t actually complete any work.  I started to meet with him to try and figure out why he wasn’t completing work.  He concluded that it depends on how hard the assignments are Read more about Getting Students To Care About Learning[…]

A Note About Graphic Organizers

I remember sitting in a college class looking over and discussing all the uses of graphic organizers.  They seemed like the best solution for students who had difficulty organizing information.  Actually, they seemed like a great tool for any student!   I also remember handing out a graphic organizer to students and half of them Read more about A Note About Graphic Organizers[…]

The Easiest Way To Create A Positive Classroom

There are endless debates about the most effective and appropriate form of classroom management.  Is it positive reinforcement, reward systems, negative reinforcement?  Some students barely need any reinforcement while others need consistent immediate feedback to get through a school day.  Teaching is tough!   One thing I have learned, no matter your view on classroom Read more about The Easiest Way To Create A Positive Classroom[…]

Student Goal Setting

How do we have students take ownership of their learning?  How do we get students to be more engaged learners?  How do we help them realize their progress, or lack thereof?   Student Goal Setting When I first heard about student’s setting their own goals, I was skeptical.  Initially, it just felt like one more Read more about Student Goal Setting[…]

“I’m done! Now what?”

You are in the middle of a small group lesson when a student walks up to you and says, “I’m done!  What should I do now?”  My first thought it usually, “Read,” but sometimes there is actually work for them to do but I just can’t remember in that moment.  Here’s how to solve this Read more about “I’m done! Now what?”[…]

Yes/No Student Response Signs

In the classroom, we usually only hear one student response at a time.  It is nice to mix it up and get responses from each student at the same time! 5 ways to use whole class response in your lesson Do a quick informal assessment at the end of a lesson.  Come up with 5-10 Read more about Yes/No Student Response Signs[…]

How To Teach Students With ADHD

“She won’t sit still!  She is always forgetting to bring her homework back.  I write the assignments on the board but she won’t write them in her planner!  I remind her over and over about things but it never helps.  She won’t listen!” Yes.  Exactly.  That is ADHD in the classroom. A 4th grade teacher Read more about How To Teach Students With ADHD[…]

15 Strategies To Help Students Focus

I’ve used these strategies on a regular basis and they help with overall classroom management, behavior, and student’s engagement with the lesson.  As I was writing this post, I also read these two articles, Teaching Students with ADHD and Helping the Student with ADHD in the Classroom.  While these articles are ADHD specific, these strategies will help any Read more about 15 Strategies To Help Students Focus[…]