Remember What You Pinned

I use Pinterest to find many of my teaching ideas and inspiration.  The problem is, after I’ve pinned something, I usually forget about it.  There are so many good ideas out there that it’s hard to stop pinning and just try them!  How do I remember the ones I want to use?

Pinterest Inspiration organization

In your teacher binder, or where ever you do the majority of your planning, keep a “Pinterest Inspiration” sheet.  Have one in each subject area (math, reading, and so on) and one in the front of the binder for things like classroom management, differentiation, and organization.  

IMG_5666.jpgDownload this sheet from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  


If you are like me, you have multiple boards about teaching.  Maybe you have one for each subject, some for organization, and others for classroom management.  At the top of each section on the Pinterest Inspiration sheet, there is a place for you to write the name of the board.  This way, when you go to find the idea on Pinterest, it’s faster to find!  

When you need inspiration

Sometimes lessons start to feel uninspired.  We start to get tired of the routine that we’ve set-up.  That’s when I’ll pull this sheet out, scroll through a board, and jot some ideas down.  It’s a way to look through what I’ve already pinned, instead of always trying to find new stuff.

Funny side note, my husband just asked me to email him this document so he can use it to organize his ideas for coaching soccer from Pinterest!  I guess it’s good for anyone!

Happy pinning!